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Peter Sauer West Bend, Wisconsin United States

18 January 2015
"I just wanted to share my gratitude for everyone at Worldprofit. I had been slipping through the cracks of life, chasing every shiny object that caught my I online. Offer after offer promising easy money and riches with a download or another membership. I had been circling the entrance of Worldprofit for quite some time. Then one early morning around 3:30 AM I stopped and listened to what was being offered. The monitor said you ( I ) would get two months of the Worldprofit for $99. The Monitor said it would be a shame for someone like myself who had visited 13 times prior to not come in and get my feet wet with the program. He went on to say, the worse thing that could happen is I would get the very best two months of online instruction via George. I had all my arguments taken away and the only thing left for me to do was pay for a membership to one of the finest online authorities created in the world. I had paid over $5000.00 per Semester for online training at Full Saill Universities Internet Marketing course. They were running 16 week classes in 4 weeks of accelarated training. God forbid if you could not follow at lightning pace. I did love the information I could retain. I ended up with poor grades and after the next semester at the same pricing I ended up being dropped for low grades. Then I heard that great deal for a Silver Membership with two months for the price of one. The courses are walked through at my pace by George and I can stop, rest or use the restroom. In College I thought you go when you want to, not true at a technical School. Miss up to three classes and you are dropped from that class. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and PTSD. My school days were terrible and I fought the entire day at school being undiagnosed for mental or physical disibalites. I should of been in special learning classes. Today I am medicated and I am able to keep focused and engaged with George's Bootcamp classes. Thank you each and everyone who instructs at Worldprofit. The support and care at WP is fast and always first class. I would and do recumend everything at WP, but start at the Bootcamp learning as instructed. Best Regards, Peter Sauer "
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About Worldprofit

Since 1994, Worldprofit has assisted small and home based business owners around the world to profit online. We specialize in traffic generation, business-building software, various reseller opportunities, webcasting, and ongoing training and support for our customers. CEO and Co-Founder George Kosch, is a graduate of the Royal Military College in Kinston, Ontario, Canada. He served as a Captain in the Canadian Air Force as a Pilot and later went on to instruct elite students in the jet training program. Eventually, George retired from the Air Force and in 1994 co-founded a small dot-com, start up called Worldprofit. Now over 20 years later, with over 2 million Members, George is the CEO of Worldprofit while maintaining an active hands-on role as a Software Engineer and Instructor for Members at Worldprofit. George along with fellow co-founder and President Sandi Hunter, together they provide a variety of comprehensive services, training and support to an online worldwide community of home business owners, and affiliate marketers.

Our Home Business & Affiliate Marketing Training

Worldprofit has the tools and services you need to grow your home business as big as you want. These tools and services include domain hosting, website design tools, video and webcasting, prospect management, HTML and text-based newsletters (listservers), website content management, dynamic lead generation, prospect leads, traffic generation, online advertising and more. We have analyzed what businesses need to profit online and have created and perfected the tools you need for maximum daily success.

George Kosch/Sandi Hunter CEO/President