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Jessica Elwood Bradenton, FL United States

12 July 2014
" Rags To Riches. What we all want! The American Dream. Now, what you must first understand is that riches are not easy to come by. They are not handed to you unless you are born into riches, which most of us unfortunately are not. You must WORK for them! Yes, folks, work! There is no EASY button, no let us build your website and you will make 500,000 this year, make 100,000 per month with our easy system….these are ALL SCAMS! And the faster you are willing to accept this the faster you will be ready to move on and get to work. Good Work. However, this is good work….because you will be building a business. And this business will be your baby. Yes, your baby! You will love it, feed it, watch it grow, promote it, and nurture it! It is all yours and most of all, YOU WILL BE PROUD OF IT! Now, the second thing you must realize is that businesses take time to grow. Just like babies, your business isn’t going to grow overnight. It will take a lot of effort on your part. You will have to do a lot or promoting…each and every day to get traffic to build YOUR LIST! Ever heard the saying “The list is the money, the money is the list?” Well, you have to build your list and that takes time. So love your business, feed your business, promote your business, and nurture your businesss, and THAT LIST WILL GROW. Worldprofit. Two names I want you to remember… Sandi Hunter and George Kosch. These will be your mentors, your teachers, your guides. They will help you to build your business. They will provide you with all the necessary tools, training, resources, advice, steps, WHATEVER YOU NEED TO BUILD AN ONLINE BUSINESS, THEY HAVE IT!!! You will have more at your fingertips with Worldprofit then you know what to do with and that’s a fact…which is why George Kosch provides you with Home business Bootcamp Training. You will need training just to be able to utilize all of the tools Worldprofit provides you with to build your business. And now that you have everything you need to build, love, feed, nurture, and grow your business, YOUR BUSINESS IS GOING TO PROSPER. Yes, here comes the RAGS TO RICHES part guys! Rags to Riches Comes Alive. So Now You have your very own business, all the tools you need to build that business, and now you just have to work each and every day and watch it grow. And folks, AS LONG AS YOU WORK EACH AND EVERY DAY, IT WILL GROW. You don’t have a baby , then put them in a room for 5 years and say “ok grow up, see you in five years”… do you?! No, you love that baby, feed that baby, nurture that baby, and WORK EACH AND EVERY DAY TO CONTRIBUTE TO THAT BABY’S GROWTH. Your business is your baby and you will work each and every day to promote your business and build your list. And as long as you do this, your list will grow and you will see profits. You will see Rags to Riches. Believe me people, I’m doing it and SO CAN YOU! "
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About Worldprofit

Since 1994, Worldprofit has assisted small and home based business owners around the world to profit online. We specialize in traffic generation, business-building software, various reseller opportunities, webcasting, and ongoing training and support for our customers. CEO and Co-Founder George Kosch, is a graduate of the Royal Military College in Kinston, Ontario, Canada. He served as a Captain in the Canadian Air Force as a Pilot and later went on to instruct elite students in the jet training program. Eventually, George retired from the Air Force and in 1994 co-founded a small dot-com, start up called Worldprofit. Now over 20 years later, with over 2 million Members, George is the CEO of Worldprofit while maintaining an active hands-on role as a Software Engineer and Instructor for Members at Worldprofit. George along with fellow co-founder and President Sandi Hunter, together they provide a variety of comprehensive services, training and support to an online worldwide community of home business owners, and affiliate marketers.

Our Home Business & Affiliate Marketing Training

Worldprofit has the tools and services you need to grow your home business as big as you want. These tools and services include domain hosting, website design tools, video and webcasting, prospect management, HTML and text-based newsletters (listservers), website content management, dynamic lead generation, prospect leads, traffic generation, online advertising and more. We have analyzed what businesses need to profit online and have created and perfected the tools you need for maximum daily success.

George Kosch/Sandi Hunter CEO/President